Sobyanin has cancelled the conduct of cadastral valuation of real estate this year

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced that this year the city authorities have canceled the conduct of cadastral valuation of residential and commercial properties. In a blog on his personal website he said that to calculate the size of the estate tax will continue to apply the cadastral value of 2018.

the Mayor explained why he made this decision: “the Law allows you to conduct cadastral valuation frequency from two to five years, but — note — as of 1 January”.

Thus, according to Sobyanin, “in the cadastral estimation of 2020 is impossible to consider the impact of the pandemic COVID-19. He noted that “cadastral valuation of January 1, 2020 has nothing to do with the real situation on rostkoviana the real estate market.”

In the end, it was decided that paying property taxes for 2021 citizens and business will be the cadastral value of the 2018.

the mayor also added that the issue of the next cadastral appraisal, the government of Moscow will return in 2021.

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