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Sobyanin has opened a new power bread factory “Cheremushki”

Sobyanin has opened a new power bread factory "Cheremushki"

Industry of Moscow is now almost fully returned to work despite the fact that about half of the enterprises in the conditions of a pandemic have not worked. This was announced by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

the Mayor on Tuesday called for confectionery and baking factory “Cheryomushki” in the South-West of Moscow and opened a new production line for baking of bread.

“Today, 90% of these enterprises work practically on a full cycle”, — said Sobyanin expressed the hope that “hard times will soon be over, and business of Moscow will stand fully on its feet.” He also said that the government supports entrepreneurship.

the press service of the mayor’s office said that HBK Cheremushki employs 955 people who daily produce 100 tons of products.

earlier, Moscow authorities have approved three packages of measures to support the business during a pandemic coronavirus with a total value of 85 billion rubles. As of mid-may, different forms of support have already benefited from 34.8 thousand organizations.

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