Sobyanin: Moscow has established a collective immunity to COVID-19 almost 60% of citizens

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin reported having almost 60% of the capital of collective immunity to the coronavirus.

“in Moscow, and in new York created herd immunity in about 60% of the population”, — said Sobyanin, RIA “Novosti”. He also noted that in the American metropolis this process was done for the month, and local health care did not cope with the load. In Moscow authorities are “smoothed peak, stretched the process for three months”, said Sobyanin.

the Mayor had previously explained that herd immunity will help Muscovites to avoid a second wave of the pandemic. He also expressed the hope that the second wave of coronavirus in Moscow in the near future will not, however, acknowledged that risks exist.

Recall that in Moscow gradually remove restrictive measures imposed because of the coronavirus. So, 13 Jul resumed operations sections and groups, cultural centers, entertainment centers, discos and summer camps. From 1 August will be able to resume the work of the cinemas, theaters and concert halls.

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