Sobyanin: Moscow Theater begins preparation for the opening of the new season

In a Moscow theater, closed earlier because of the situation with coronavirus, resume the rehearsal. This was announced by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin during a visit to the theatre of Oleg Tabakov.

According to him, theatre is starting the preparations for the opening of the new season. However, he acknowledged that while “all of this is not very easy and causes certain limitations, voltage”.

Sobyanin also said that Moscow will gradually return to their former mode of life. In his opinion, the capital has experienced “the most terrible time of the epidemic”. I believe that the worst is over”, — said Sobyanin.

In turn, the artistic Director of the Tabakov theatre Vladimir Mashkov, talking about future plans, said that at present, the theatre is preparing a play by Agatha Christie “And then there were none”. “We begin the 35th anniversary season”, he added.

Recall that in Moscow because of the coronavirus since March 17 has been canceled performances in theatres and artists switched to remote mode.

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