Sobyanin said that the timing of the repair of 25 city clinics

Since July 1, the Moscow authorities expect to begin reconstruction of 25 city clinics. This was announced by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin on Monday to inspect the progress of work on capital repairs of the building-branch № 6 diagnostic center number 3.

According to him, now in the stage of reconstruction is 12 city clinics. “Planned, but because of the pandemic, decided to reschedule because the reconstruction is necessary to withdraw from circulation those clinics, and they are today highly in demand”, — said Sobyanin, adding that to date, decided to return to the active phase of the project.

the press service of the municipality said that the first patients updated clinic will take until the end of 2020. For 8-10 months, builders have to perform a complete upgrade of the clinic.

For patients would be the area a comfortable stay with air conditioners, water dispensers, televisions, sofas and armchairs, and doctors ‘ offices will be equipped with ergonomic furniture. Also in the building will be installed the computer network to connect to the EMIAS.

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