Sobyanin spoke with the owners of the renovation program in Losinoostrovskiy

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin inspected a new house built under the program of renovation of the emerald on the street LOSINOOSTROVSKY district, and talked with family Novoselov Vladimir LON and Daria Ponomareva. According to him, the house is designed on an individual project, with improved finish, it’s “kind of smart-house” — a new system of regulation of water, heat, electricity, Wi-Fi for removal of indications of counters. “Let’s see how it will function. We are trying to saturate new home new solutions. Under the program of renovation just such an opportunity,” — said Sobyanin. The press service of the mayor and Moscow government, said that a few days ago the couple with a child moved from an old two-bedroom apartments with an area of 42.8 sqm one-bedroom apartment with total area of 57,9 sq. m. the Mayor congratulated the family with the new house and said that their house was one of the first to be built in the area as part of the renovation program. He said that another six homes are in design, in construction. “Your home is one of the first. So here in the area, from the point of view of renovation, everything will be fine. I hope that no delay on the program will not be”, — said Sergey Sobyanin. We will add that in a program of renovation in the area Losinoostrovskaya included 68 five-storey buildings. The new apartments have to move more than 12 thousand inhabitants. For the organization of resettlement chosen 11 launch sites with a total capacity of 99.4 thousand square meters of housing. The house, which was examined by the mayor, located on ul. Izumrudnaya, d. 24, korp. 1. This 16-storey building with a total area of 6,3 thousand sq. m. the building has 120 apartments. The house is equipped with automated system of accounting of consumed resources — water, heat and electricity. In the yard there is a Playground with safe rubber coating, organized places for Parking. June 1, 2020and in a house moving residents of five-storey d. 28, korp. 1, built in 1960, 99 apartments. Today I moved 10 families, contracts entered into 35 families. After the resettlement of the old building will be dismantled and in its place built a new one for the organization of the second wave of resettlement. Recall that the program of renovation of the housing stock in the city of Moscow was approved August 1, 2017, It includes 5 174 home. The first settlers moved into the new house in February 2018. Now there is (or completed) relocation of residents of 148 homes in 55 houses-new buildings.

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