Sobyanin: the New building of CSO Kotlovka will be completed by September

the city is planning in September to hand over the new building of social services centre in the Metropolitan area of Kotlovka. This was announced by the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, who examined on Monday, the progress of work.

According to him, the city is a large-scale work on reconstruction of existing public facilities and construction of new.

the Mayor congratulated the social workers of the district on their professional holiday, noting that “the social worker profession is very important, necessary. “The title of social worker is not only a profession but vocation. Without this, I think, impossible to be a social worker, it is impossible to be in this job,” added the mayor.

the press service of the municipality said that the construction of the new building of CSO Kotlovka on the street began in 2017. The new building will have four floors and a bandwidth of 212 visitors per day.

it is Noted that on the account in the branch “Kotlovka TTSSO zyuzino” consist of 8 thousand 675 residents.

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