Sobyanin: the results of the first stage of screening for antibodies to the coronavirus let you down on may 22

The results of the first phase of the programme screening of the population for the presence of immunity to the novel coronavirus infection will bring in Moscow on Friday, 22 may. About it in interview to TV channel “Russia-24” said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. According to him, the screening program, in addition to recover from COVID-19, has already been revealed to people with the active stage of the disease. Them, added the mayor, “who is doing”: to repeat the tests, they prescribe medication if there are signs of morbidity, and so on. Sobyanin also said that Moscow will run a test for antibodies to the coronavirus by appointment from may 27 to everyone. The current situation with the spread of the coronavirus in the capital, the mayor considers positive. According to him, the detection rate of infected people in the last days has decreased almost twice. “We see that with 50 thousand PCR tests per day detection <...> 2,5-3 thousand. That’s a lot, but the level of a month ago — at the peak we have identified about 6 thousand. That is, the detection rate fell two times,” — said Sobyanin. Add that with may 15, the city authorities launched a massive and free program of testing of citizens for the presence of antibodies to the coronavirus. Invited to take up the study will receive up to 70 thousand people every few days.This method of testing will help to identify three categories of people: asymptomatic carriers, patients with mild to moderate severity of the disease, which from the moment of infection has passed two weeks, as well as those who are already ill.

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