Sobyanin: to Return employees to the offices in full early yet

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has eased restrictive measures in the capital because of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

“We managed to avoid most of the worst scenarios of a pandemic. The number of detected cases began to decline. After recovery from hospitals discharged more people than goes back to bed,” he said on his website. This allows you to take a number of measures of opening up of the economy and the resumption of the work of city agencies.

So, in the partial volume of resumes IFC — open 88 centres in densely populated areas with good transport accessibility.

Resumes the work of car sharing. However, to take the car to rent only for a period of five days.

But, said the mayor is only the first phase of easing restrictions. Talk about a full victory over coronavirus is impossible, you must continue to comply with increased security measures. “Therefore, all city organizations are required to keep the maximum share of employees working in remote mode”, — said Sergey Sobyanin.

Also, the mayor explained how the glove-mask mode on objects of railway infrastructure. Masks and gloves must be worn not only in trains but also in premises of railway offices, stations and platforms.

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