Sobyanin told about the modernization of the Botkin hospital

In Moscow, started the reconstruction of four buildings of the hospital name Botkin. This was announced by the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin during the inspection of progress of works on capital repair of buildings of the clinic.

“It’s not just the repair, replacement, plaster and so on,” — said Sobyanin. According to him, on the basis of each of these buildings creates a new clinic, from vascular center, ending the outpatient Oncology center, ophthalmology.

the Mayor called Botkin hospital the most modern high-tech clinic, Recalling that during the outbreak of coronavirus, a large part of the hospitals was transferred to coveny Fund.

“Partially engaged and the Botkin hospital — one of the buildings was transferred. More than 20 thousand people were treated in this hospital, made 11 thousand operations”, — said Sobyanin.

the Mayor also announced that the authorities plan in 2021 to launch reconstruction of the four more recent buildings.

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