Sobyanin told about the new specially protected natural territories of the capital

In Moscow, will create 18 new especially protected natural territories area of over 1 thousand 730 hectares. the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin has signed the relevant documents.

As it became known from messages in a blog on the website Sobyanin, currently in the city under a special protection taken 140 natural areas and their area exceeded 19 thousand hectares or 7.5% of the city.

According to him, the creation of protected areas is an essential part of the program of development of Moscow. The mayor said that each new PA — “this can be a unique landscape, rare trees and plants, nesting birds or the habitats of animals”. Sobyanin added that Moscow is the greenest metropolis on the planet.

He recalled that every year in the capital equip dozens of parks and gardens, “creating conditions for quality recreation and sport activities in nature”. “There can be classic forest, but you can create conditions so that wildlife existed in harmony with people”, — concluded the mayor.

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