Sobyanin: Vaccination against coronavirus is free

Vaccination against coronavirus is free. The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin the TV channel “Russia 1”. “As soon as it arrives we will begin the vaccination campaign,” he said (quoted by RIA “Novosti”). According to Sobyanin, this year it is necessary to strengthen and flu shots, “so we don’t overlap two epidemics of autumn”. The mayor added that the increase in testing lead to an increase in the number of identified cases of infection. Overall, he believes that the situation with mers is improving. Today for review in Moscow signed up about 50 thousand people. Earlier, the mayor expressed hope that the vaccine will register in the coming weeks. It also became known that the State research center of Virology and biotechnology “Vector” has received permission from the Ministry of health to conduct clinical trials on volunteers a vaccine from COVID-19. The first volunteers are expected to be vaccinated on 27 July as part of the Protocol for the clinical trials.

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