Social entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg said that will help them to survive after a pandemic

In Russia after the pandemic coronavirus should form a systematic approach to supporting social business. This opinion was unanimously expressed by the participants of the third online race in “Rosbalt” “rescuing business: mission (im)possible?”. Meeting social entrepreneurs in remote format took place on 23 June.

“If the regime of restrictions will continue until the end of the year will close on 10% of social non-profit organizations. This is evidenced by data survey, which was attended by more than 130 NGOs,” said Anna Orlova, Chairman of Board, NGO “Center for development of NGOs”.

Deputy of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova, one of the leading “Race,” noted that without a cash infusion of social business is having a hard time.

“Social business in our city there for 20 years, and without him was hard not only to health and education, but also to all those areas that are associated with the care of people with some disabilities. But you need to understand that social business is a soup without eggs, the money they have just enough for staff salaries, no profit no. And without an infusion of city and Federal budgets to exist such social entrepreneurs can not,” — said the Deputy.

Iryna Ivanova noted that the register of victims during a pandemic industries is urgently required to enable NACE to the charitable activities that all organizations could use help.

Director of the Association of social entrepreneurs Maria Cooper agreed with her, noting that they survived only those social entrepreneurs that are registered as NGOs and receive grants. Those who have the legal form of an LLC or SP, and who technically does not fall into any of the affected industries, not only lost customers, but also the money.

Anna Orlova noted that social enterprises there were big difficulties getting a loan on the salary. According to her, in St. Petersburg, none of the NGOs, the Bank did not give money, “because the Bank does not believe that social business is in principle possible to lend”.

Maria Bondar stressed that the state has not developed a systematic approach to the formation of measures to support social business.

“the City must answer the question — what problems is the hottest? And who in St. Petersburg for successfully solves them? And what are the measures to support them is already there? Now we have in different documents isolated measures, many social entrepreneurs do not even know they exist. In addition, different projects need different levels of support — someone preferential rent, someone in the government contracts and all the information they need to settle in one place. For example, in the Center of social innovations. When there is a single window, the entrepreneurs will be easier”, says Maria Cooper.

Anna Orlova also noted that it is important to establish the city’s interagency cooperation on this issue and to unite the efforts of all agencies, to coordinate them.

the Director of a private school “GRAN” Irina Popugaeva supported her and added that social businesses need serious legal support for entrepreneurs is difficult to understand all the nuances of the benefits.

Director of external relations partnerships charity organizations “Perspective” Svetlana Mamonova believes that the state, among other things, it is not necessary to “keep death grip in his fist all social problems,” and delegate them to social entrepreneurs with relevant support and funding to this sector develop through the competition.

what supports are needed by the tourism industry and the restaurant business, read the material “Rosbalt”.

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