Chamber of Barnaul city Center of maternity and childhood, which accepts patients with coronavirus, swarming with cockroaches, and the outlets fall out of the walls. This was stated by the patients of the medical institution, says “the Taiga.Info”.

According to them, “the floors are covered with old linoleum on the floor for 10 patches, wires terrible, sometimes several twists, plugs fall out of the walls”, and in the wards crawling “huge cockroaches”.

In the regional Ministry of health acknowledged the problem but noted that cockroaches are difficult to fight, because they regularly put themselves treated. It was said that to combat parasites in the hospital placed traps. Officials also added that in 2019, the Centre had replaced all the beds and bedding were new, and before the start of the pandemic was planned repairs, which from the regional budget it was planned to allocate 50 million roubles, however from-for coronavirus building and not repaired. The hospital is in a dilapidated condition, says “bankfaks”.