To the left, to the right. To the left, and right. They are thousands of people move their hips in rhythm to the grand stage of the Solidays, who camped on the hippodrome de Longchamp on this warm weekend of the summer solstice. Youssoupha, in a benefit that is less vibrant than survoltante, has easily managed to get the crowd of the Saturday, June 22, in a sweet-and-coming side. “I want the audience to be congolese”, clamp-t-he in the mic, and the cheers of the spectators, so that continues this version quietly groovy of the pogo.

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Solidays has never been a festival like the others. Organised by the association Solidarité Sida, which pays the profits of the event to the fight against HIV, he wants to be conscious and militant. And the spectators know well. Before each concert, a series of spots preventive are broadcast on the large screens that frame the various scenes (they are four main). The subjects of these short videos: the online harassment, STIS, condoms, homophobia… topics that resonate in the hearts of the public, quite young, of Solidays.

On scene, Youssoupha has to climb a series of associations, in the framework of a “tribute to the activists”. Thomas Hermans/Le Figaro

“If they joined us on stage is that it is incredibly important,” says Youssoupha once his set ended, then it presents non-profit organisations. “You must not forget that it is a festival with a public that is beautiful, but also amazing talents to raise awareness,” he continued. Not annoyed by this speech involved, the public remains, applauds, applauds as he can these dozens of volunteers who, like Selim, is fighting “for a fair access to health care for all” in Tunisia.

“This is the only festival where the stars make the promo of the organizers and not the other way around”, playing two spectators. When asked their names, they are as Dadju and Angela. They laugh, proud of their hoax. The artists they came to see? “Dadju, and Angele”, of course. “At the base, it came to programming, but the atmosphere made us something,” said the pseudo-“Angela”. To mark the occasion, she decided to draw the red ribbon, symbol of the struggle against Aids, on the right cheek. “Dadju”, to him, is simply a true ribbon of cloth hanging on a safety pin on her large white t-shirt.

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Having witnessed the concert Youssoupha, the two have decided to stay, the time of the tribute to the activists. A time that many might find intimidating in the middle of this space-time of relaxation that are the Solidays. “We just came to burst, but it does not hurt to think of others too”, explains Angela. So when the Patrouille de France, to 20 hours bright, moves over to Longchamp to draw the traditional French flag before embarking on a gigantic red ribbon, the public is unleashed. Some are moved by it.

20 hours battery, the Patrouille de France have paraded in the sky of the bois de Boulogne to the colors of the French flag, before drawing a red ribbon in tribute to the fight against Aids. Thomas Hermans/Le Figaro

After the John Butler Trio, the pit of the main stage is empty to 21 hours, the audience disperses to the scenes of Bagatelle and the Dome. On the first, Dadju, the real one this time, makes its entrance. On the second, with Midnight layer 21h. The offspring of Rita Mitsouko list on stage with their funk, pop, modern, and if paris managed to wake up an audience, occasionally running up and delay in the middle of the first few songs. “Paris is too hot, tropical,” sings Simone Ringer, knowing very well how these words are circonstanc. “In this festival, there is only one thing to say: make love, protect you, and then… have a blast!” The whole spirit of the Solidays summary, while condoms are available in self-service to all corners of the racetrack.

“The coolest festival of Paris”

“It is the festival of love,” sums up Tom. With his cap of the Stade Français screwed on the head, and a “militant in the private” visits each year from 2016 with his buddy Eric, and had already come twice in the beginning of the decade. “We come because it is the coolest festival of Paris, he confirms. The atmosphere is super friendly, the people are happy. We live in a kind of parenthesis in our lives, m****.” Eric is well agreement: “This is the only festival where I’m going without looking at the programming!”

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If the atmosphere is good child, it is also may be because the public gathers… of young people. Many middle and high school students seem to have enjoyed the sun for “getting fresh air”, as they are likely to have respondent parents. And almost all of them are been given an appointment for 23 hours at the foot of the stage Bagatelle for the show of Therapy TAXI, the group is not making head that speaks to an entire generation. To wait before the concert, the audience sang the songs that go through your head: the ode to “strike bastard” Benjamin Pavard in the world by 2018, as well as a Marseillaise spontaneous. At 24 hours, Édouard Philippe would have been proud of this young generation, apparently ready to engage in the national service universal. The Prime minister is, in effect, passed through the festival on Sunday to meet with the volunteers for about 45 minutes.

Adelaide and Raphael, the two singers of Therapy TAXI, in their costumes of clergymen. Sebadelha Julie/Sebadelha Julie/ABACA

Not helped by the melodies a little flat and a sono weakness in a time exceeded 100 metres from the stage, Therapy TAXI has managed to ignite his fans the most seasoned, who have for thousands taken every word of every song for an hour. Starting with their hit single With your zouz , the two leading performers came disguised as in the video clip: good sister for one, in ecclesiastical, half-way between a cardinal and an inquisitor of the Monty Pythons for the other. “Don’t listen to the former pope, listen to the new, and protect yourself”, balance Raphael Faget Zaoui, the singer, the cheers of the public.

a Record-to help the fight against Aids

the stroke of Midnight on Longchamp. Luke Barruet, the founder of Solidarité Sida, arrives on the big stage to begin the tribute to the volunteers. The spectators are very numerous, and expect almost all looking forward to the hip-hop group of south african’s Die Antwoord. They acclament, however, the statements of Luke Barruet, when he announced that the festival has welcomed 227.000 viewers, smashing its previous year’s record (212.000).

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Luke Barruet then benefits from the attentive crowd to get his message across about the collection of the global Fund to fight aids, tuberculosis and malaria, which seeks to raise $ 14 billion at its triennial conference to be held on 10 October in Lyon. The founder of Solidarité Sida has asked the spectators to challenge the policies on the site so that the countries give to the Fund. “These 14 billion, this is 16 million people to save in the next three years, so it is necessary for you to move the c**!”

On “I Will Survive”, the public unites her arms in a common celebration. Thomas Hermans/Le Figaro

After hosting “the real stars of the festival, the volunteers,” Luke Barruet launched the traditional I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor or rather his version of 1997 by Hermes House Band. The song of the victory of 1998 to the football world Cup, I Will Survive (in French, “Je survivrai”) sounds also like a hymn of resistance for the sick. The time of the song, the audience is united physically, joining the hands of a single impetus, singing ‘La-lala-la-la-lalalalalala-la-la-lala”… Solidays is definitely a feast.