The burial of the icon of Parisian nights who returned to grace in 2001 with “Like a boomerang” in duet with Etienne Daho, took place in the privacy of the Saint-Martin cemetery in Perpignan, after the ceremony in the Saint-Martin cathedral. Jean Baptiste.

During this ceremony, Dani’s sister, Véronique Graule, defined her as “a multifaceted artist who always knew how to put a poetry and a love that belonged only to her”.

Dani – also an actress and model, among others – died of “following a malaise” in the region of Tours (center) where she lived. She had just finished the tour of her last album “Horizons Dorés” and was already finishing the preparation of a new album.

She was the queen of “Paris by night” in the 70s, at the helm of L’Aventure, a trendy nightclub, the French version of Studio 54 in New York. His unshackled lifestyle was summed up in his song “La vie à 25 ans (Y’a pas de mal à se faire bien)”.