Sommelier predicted price increase due to new regulations in the field of winemaking

Experts do not rule out disruptions in the supply of wine due to join on June 26 the law in force on the wine industry, changing the regulation in this sphere.

According to new rules of Russian wines, which are made from imported materials should be called “vinogradarskie drinks” and stand on separate shelves. And labelling of foreign wines must also comply with the new rules.

As described in the publication “Moments” sommelier Ivan Lazarev, the country has not enough of its own grapes to produce wine exclusively from Russian raw materials. According to him, this grape is three times more. He also drew attention to the fact that the law has many contradictions, and yet expect the lawyers to focus on trial practice. According to Ivan Lazarev, the new rules could cause significant price increases.

Some experts suggest that the term “Finasterida products” can scare off unsophisticated buyers. Also, many expensive wine made from dried grapes, and the law States that a wine is only a drink of fresh grapes. Thus, even a premium wine will be on the shelf for “Finasteride products.”

the store owners have not decided exactly what to put on separate shelves, and all of this can confuse buyers and lead to the fact that they prefer to buy other drinks.

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