R. Kelly, the undisputed star of the R&B in the 1990’s had recently announced wanting to return to the front of the stage with a new album. It will have to revise its plans. His contract which linked him to the house of discs RCA Records, subsidiary of Sony, has been broken, reported this Friday the specialized media. Billboard and Variety , citing unnamed sources.

The name of R. Kelly has been removed from the list of artists in the online catalogue. Contacted by AFP, Sony Music did not immediately confirmed the information. The singer, Robert Sylvester Kelly, his real name, has not made comment nor indicated whether it will take legal action against his record company.

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on Wednesday 16 January, a small group of men and women demonstrated outside the headquarters of Sony Music in the district of Manhattan, New York city, urging the record company to “go R. Kelly”. A claim is defended, among others, by the national Association for women and the association of Black Women’s Blueprint, that supports women of color black against social inequalities and abuse.

The disgrace that befalls the singer is due to release on 5 and 6 January last of a documentary entitled Surviving R. Kelly . The Long six hours, several witnesses are accused of having had sexual relations with young girls under the age of 16 years old, when he was major – liable to imprisonment in the relevant State, Illinois. A call for witnesses has been launched by the prosecutor of Chicago. An investigation has been opened by the prosecutor of Atlanta in Georgia, where the singer has a property.

In 2017, a survey conducted by the media Buzzfeed claimed that R. Kelly had maintained quasi-slavery of young women at home, cutting them off from the outside world and forcing them to have sex. The singer has denied the facts. The girls are all major no-indictment is possible, to the great regret of several families.

Gloria Allred, the lawyer of an alleged victim of sexual abuse by R. Kelly said on 14 January that when his client filed in may 2018 with a summons in court, the singer responded by posting intimate photos of the young woman on social networks. Gloria Allred is illustrated in the United States in several trials, where she was defending women victims of rape, particularly in the face of Bill Cosby.

Outcry in the music industry

The documentary Surviving R. Kelly has caused an uproar in the music industry american. Many celebrities have taken out the titles recorded in a duo with R. Kelly platforms of streaming. From Lady Gaga to Celine Dion, passing by Chance The Rapper, the singer of R&B Tank or the rapper Nick Cannon. For several years, the boycott calls had multiplied through the word of order #MuteRKelly, “Do shut up R. Kelly” on Twitter.

Well before the charges current, R. Kelly has been sued for filming in 2002 his antics with a 13 year old girl. He was acquitted in 2008 after several months of court battle and a cheque for $ 250,000.