The american actor Kevin Spacey will be formally charged for the first time on January 7, 2019, for “indecent assault” against a teenager in July 2016 near Boston. According to the office of the attorney Michael O’keefe, this decision is further to the validation of a criminal complaint against him on December 20 by a local judge.

The prosecutor of the island of Nantucket (northeast, Massachusetts), very popular among celebrities the been investigating since November 2017 on this alleged assault. The mother of the adolescent, the reporter Heather Unruh, had just revealed to have filed a complaint against the actor.

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The former star of the series House of Cards age 59, has been accused by several other men of aggression since the beginning of the movement #MeToo in October 2017 and has since been “persona non grata” in Hollywood. The announcement of this indictment comes as the actor has posted Monday on YouTube a three-minute video titled “Let me be Frank” (Let me be Frank), a word play on “frank”, which translates to “frank”, and the name of his character, president criminal, and chilling in House of Cards , Frank Underwood.

cryptic Message

repeating the same speech that the politician cynical, willing to do anything to defeat his opponents, Kevin Spacey evokes in innuendo, the actions and shenanigans of the character, to the point that it seems to suggest the accusations made against him-even in the reality. He speaks directly to the viewer, as in an episode of House of Cards .

“If I did not pay for the things that we both know that I’ve made, I certainly will not pay for the things that I didn’t do”

Kevin Spacey

Filmed in a kitchen, wearing an apron printed of santa Claus, Kevin Spacey -who had disappeared from circulation for more than a year – suggests in this video that it is not necessary to believe everything that is said about him.

“If I did not pay for the things that we both know that I’ve made, I certainly will not pay for the things that I didn’t do”, lance-t-he addressing the viewer. Before you add so cryptically that fans dreaming of seeing him return to the screen shall soon know “the whole truth”. Contacted by AFP, Netflix has declined to comment. And representatives of the actor have not responded in the immediate future.

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During a press conference in November 2017, the mother of the young man who claims to have been assaulted, had indicated that his son, then 18 years old and a fan of Kevin Spacey, had met the actor in a bar-restaurant of the resort near Boston. The actor had, according to her, pushed her son to drink while he had not the legal age of 21 years, before him, “stick the hand in the pants and grab his genitals”.

The assault had continued until the actor is absent from work to go to the toilet, had told Ms. Unruh. A woman was coming to the rescue of the boy, obviously disturbed, and had told him to run what he had done, according to the mother.

Mrs. Unruh had explained that his son had not complained at the time, “mainly by discomfort and fear”. It is only when other complaints against the actor had emerged in the wake of accusations against the film producer Harvey Weinstein, that he decided to speak.

Other complaints

The british media have reported several months ago of a criminal investigation against Kevin Spacey for sexual assault in London, where the actor has directed for eleven years the theatre of the Old Vic. But to this day, no charges have been reported.

The Los Angeles police department has also indicated to investigate a complaint filed in August against the actor, after having ended another folder with the same alleged facts, which dated back to 1992, were prescribed. The actor is also the subject of complaints to the civil.

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After the first charges, one that has been rewarded on two occasions for an academy award for his roles in the Usual Suspects (1995) and American Beauty (1999) – where he excelled in the handling of a subtle ambiguity – was landed by Netflix’s House of Cards of which he held the first role.

In the last season and epilogue of the series, released in November, his character Frank Underwood has gone: he died in his sleep. “Now that I think about it, you did not actually seen him die”, said Kevin Spacey in his video, before concluding énigmatiquement after a slight pause: “The conclusions can be so misleading. I miss you?”

The actor has also been deleted from the latest film from Ridley Scott, T out the money in the world , where his scenes were re-shot in the nick of time by Christopher Plummer.