A public warm welcomed the first of the new show of Sophie Galitzin The fruit of our womb , at the théâtre Essaïon. This is the story of a marriage. Engagement with old age, a story of passing time, and sometimes lasts, love chose who sometimes gets tired and exasperated, which wears and ravaude, the humbly, who could power off and revives the breath of grace. A christian marriage, which has made the wager before God to walk through life.

The displays of the Fruit of our womb. Cybele Desarnauts.

We can all tell by the dance and the game: in an hour and a quarter, intense and removed, Sophie Galitzin and his partner, Fitzgerald Berthon tell the couple of Louison, and Max through a series of skits, sometimes lyrical, sometimes clowning, drawn in dry point with great economy of means. Author and dancer, Sophie Galitzin has the sense of measure. A few words, but that sound right. The marriage preparation note finely disparities: in the impetus of the faith, he who strives to follow with a good will, laborious, up to the agreement of the “yes” bursting of the wedding.

Louison, and Max go through all the colors of the conjugal relationship. The entanglement of the body in an erotic dance joyously wacky. The fervour of the prayer in another, in the air, sparkling. There are both the seriousness of the commitment, the joy of love, the gravity of everyday life with all its trivialities ironic, Louison gets upset, Max, a refugee in his laptop… The final unit with a charm moving the slow motion of the old couple at the memory of their first dance. This brief show, wonderfully interpreted, combines a humorous tonic to a spiritual vision deep. A swirl light around the mystery of the covenant that is irrevocable.