Metamorphosis is triggered. The spectators of the Festival of the american cinema of Deauville have been able to discover another face of Sophie Turner. The interpreter of the iconic Sansa Stark of Game of Thrones is one of the strengths of Heavy , a romance cursed, how Romeo + Juliet of Baz Luhrmann, on a background of drug trafficking in the New York of today. First feature-film styled Datei Smit who imagine a Large Apple, almost fantasy, in the glow of the neon lights and the strange and overwhelming interiors.

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The actress british 23 year-old portrays a young girl from a good family fallen under the influence of drugs and her dealer, Seven. The balance of this couple of passion is a little more precarious by the arrival of a childhood friend of Seven willing to submit to a good combine. Of course doomed to trouble. “This is a story where everyone has his share of responsibility”, as so well expressed by the character glow of Sophie Turner, who is away from the seaside resort of normandy with the price of the New Hollywood. The occasion for this actress, modest, who never cover up their doubts, to return to the French media,including Le Figaro , about the year 2019 decisive was to say goodbye to the Westeros of George R. R. Martin and the franchise, X-Men where she stood Jane Grey.

Sophie Turner in Heavy Festival of Deauville

LE FIGARO. – Heavy , your next film, was born from a blow of heart. Can we say more?

SOPHIE TURNER. – Datei Smit (director of Heavy , editor’s NOTE) sent me the script and a list of references, of which True Romance , written by Quentin Tarantino. This is one of my favorite movies. For that alone, I was ready to sign the contract! I love movies of the 90s. I finally discovered the world of the 7th art When I started in this business, I was 13 years old, I didn’t know what that was or not a good script. I caught up with my delay for the past four or five years. The character of Madeline that I play in a Heavy speaks to me: this co-dependency she has with her boyfriend, the weight of her past… She was remarkably well drawn for a secondary character. I’ve had the thunderbolt for his scenario. When a script is portrayed with as much truth and accuracy depression and mental suffering, my interest is piqued. Too often, the fiction portrays him as something strange and to be feared. In return, those who suffer from it are ashamed and do not dare to ask for help. This kills the people. This is something that is still too rare in cinema.

You are in Deauville to receive the trophy of the New Hollywood.

I can’t believe that I have received this trophy. I don’t really know if I belong to the “Young Hollywood” but I was really lucky. The previous winners [Jessica Chastain, Ryan Gosling] are people I admire very much. I don’t know if I deserve to succeed them. I live elsewhere in England, certainly not in Hollywood! (laughter). I had the chance. When I started thirteen years ago, Game of Thrones was not yet the phenomenon it has become. I was able to make a few mistakes. The fame, to be permanently under the gaze of the public, the fear of tripping… All this can really inhibit your personal development. And we are in a world that admits less and less mistakes.

“With the end of Game of Thrones, I no longer have my safety net. I am at a turning point…A moment where it must evolve or die.”

Sophie Turner

And in fifteen days the prize will be may be followed by an Emmy Award for best supporting role for your interpretation of Sansa Stark.

I am very excited, but I do not expect to win. I’m already stunned to have been selected. This is my first time. It was the last time that it was possible for Game Of Thrones . It is fantastic to be able to finish the adventure as well. I am delighted with the idea of partying and find my playmates!

How do you consider the following Game of Thrones ?

of course, there’s a sense of fear. Sometimes I wonder: is that all we will remember of me will be Sansa Stark? With the end of Game of Thrones , I no longer have my safety net. I am at a turning point… A moment where it must evolve or die. I really need to continue to work, to me to try different things, to refine my art Otherwise, I will always be associated with Sansa. With Heavy and my other projects, I make a conscious effort to distance myself from it more and more. I would very much like to be able to deliver me to a real study of character. I would entertain also a lot to be James Bond, not a Bond Girl! A James Bond female that could be accompanied by James Bond Boys or any other for that matter!

2019 was a year of farewell with the end of X-Men .

everyone leaves me (laughter), but rest assured: I live well. It is also very liberating! For the first time, I was able to think of my future and be proactive. Me say on a personal and professional level, and try to keep a job! I am also enrolled in a university course in criminology. Once you’re past beyond the first lessons, in particular all the terminology, it is really crispy. This is a topic that fascinates me since adolescence, and it is always good to have a plan B if play weigh myself or if I can’t find a job. It is also very useful if one wants to dig the psychology of his character! At the age of thirteen, I only learn my lines, now I can do a real job of preparation and that is exciting!The more you do different things in your life, the more this feeds your performance.

In the future, would you like to go behind the camera?

I would very much like to produce, and perhaps one day achieve. But writing is not a talent I possess. I bought books of writing recently and I believe that this is really not for me!

do you Think that someone will come to the end of the marathon Game of Thrones that organizes the american film Festival of Deauville, one season per day for eight days?

This is a bet not completely crazy! I could never do that! But I am full of admiration for those who succeed. This is the real Game of Thrones , those who reach the end in life and not be asleep. I have not even seen the full six peisodes of the eighth season!

do You remember your first impressions when you read the scenarios of this past season? Do you understand the heated debates that followed?

We were all very sad and at the same time enthusiastic. All I can say, all the people who worked on the series have worked more than anyone, have endured long days of hard work. This season has swallowed gallons of tears, sweat and a lot of nights. I would like to have a greater respect for all those who have contributed to it.