Actually, the image would have to destroy completely: The Street artist Banksy has informed that the action in the London auction house Sotheby’s is something wrong. In a Video that Banksy has published on its Website, is to see how the shredder mechanism was installed and how it was supposed to work. At the end of the video is to be read on a plaque: “In rehearsals it worked every Time …” In a following sequence of hidden shredder destroyed a copy of the picture completely.

In the Video with the title of shredder, your love, the Director’s Cut first, as someone installed the shredder in a workshop in the frame. There is footage of the auction and the guests at Sotheby’s. As the award is granted, is shown as a man pushes a shutter button – obviously, for the mechanism, so that the image passes through the shredder in the frame. It is not clear, however, whether the one who pressed the shutter button was actually in the exhibition hall there, because the scene is cut into.

At the auction of the plant, Girl with Balloon had turned nearly two weeks ago in London immediately after the sale in the framework of hidden shredder and the work of art cut. Left only the upper part of the image remained, the Rest hung in strips down. Banksy confessed a day later to the prank, describing it as a planned critique of the art market.

The auction house said the buyer accept the work of art, also shredded. It is the “first work of art was the history that had occurred during the auction live”. The anonymous collector from Europe had bought the picture for 1.04 million pounds (1.2 million euros). The partial destruction of the plant had triggered speculation that the action was to increase the value of the painting.

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. “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge” – Picasso

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Banksy, the most prominent graffiti artists in the world is emblazoned, his works in many countries, to walls and walls. Often the images have clear political messages, sometimes this is transported also subtle. In Girl with Balloon little girl stretches out his Arm after one of the flying red balloon in the shape of a heart. The image is one of the most famous motifs of the probably from the Bristol-born artist, originally it graced a wall in East London.