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Source: trump rude Merkel gave Putin to manipulate themselves

Source: trump rude Merkel gave Putin to manipulate themselves

the Journalist Carl Bernstein told about the manner of communication of the President of Donald trump with world leaders. According to him, the best trump talks with “dictators”.

according to CNN, Bernstein said, citing sources in the White house that trump didn’t prepare for the negotiations with the European leaders and was rude to them. So, he allegedly called the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may “fool”, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is “silly.” He also was rude to the canadian Prime Minister and the President of France.

At the same time, trump was compliant in conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish leader called the Trump twice a week for personal telephone, and the “drop everything and answer.”

In conversations with Putin trump “constantly bragged about his success” and the organization of the contest “Miss universe” in Moscow and “allow Putin to manipulate you.”

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