South Korea invited the DPRK to unite in order to fight coronavirus

the Minister of unification of South and North Korea Lee In-Yong said that Seoul is ready to work with Pyongyang for the sake of suppression of coronavirus infection.

according to the Agency Yonhap, South Korean politician has expressed concern about the possible appearance of infection in the city of Kaesong on the border between the two countries.

“I’m worried about the health of the population of North Korea, which could get worse and I’m afraid that because of this people will become increasingly difficult to eke out an existence,” — said the Minister.

Li Ying Yong believes that Seoul and Pyongyang should cooperate at every opportunity — and not only in Kaesong but also at any other point of North Korea. He invited countries to unite in order to fight COVID-19.

on July 26, the North Korean authorities have reported the first case of suspected coronavirus in the country: a man whose suspected infection, illegally arrived in the country from South Korea and was in the city of Kaesong. The patient is placed in strict quarantine, revealed the circle in contact with him.

Month earlier it was reported about a new wave of coronavirus in Seoul. The pandemic in the country can last another few months.