Sowing campaign in the Altai territory completed, despite the difficult conditions of a pandemic

Pandemic coronavirus did not prevent Altai farmers to successfully execute the whole complex of field works in optimal agronomic terms. This became possible thanks to the decision of the Federal and regional governments to make the agricultural sector the most important for the sustenance of the country and not stop its subsidies.

the Successful operation of the agrarian complex, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, referring with gratitude to the workers of the agricultural industry at the meeting with representatives of various sectors of the economy, “And of course, I want to thank the workers of agriculture, which provided an uninterrupted supply of food, the epidemic complied with the required volume of spring field work, and thus laid the Foundation for future harvest”.

In the Altai providing farmers with the tools was carried out by an electronic system RESPAK through which sponsorship of more than 1 thousand farms were held remotely. Over the past five months 2020 agriculture in the region has already received 1.9 billion rubles from the provided 3.9 billion rubles. Also, since the beginning of the year to agricultural producers was approved by 13.9 billion rubles of soft loans (interest rate of 5% per annum), including field works – 5.8 billion rubles.

Thanks to the complex of these measures to date, according to the Ministry of agriculture of the Altai, in the region completed the main volume of planting, namely, spring sowing is made on an area of about 4.5 million hectares, grain and leguminous cultures were sown on the area of 3,3 million hectares, oilseeds – on the area of 1.1 million hectares.

At this stage in the Altai region are being care for crops. Actively pursued and forage campaign, taking into account the fact that in many areas of the region recorded a deficit of moisture in the soil. That is why, in the first place, carried out the summer crops annual forage crops.

Active preparing and opening the field season did not prevent the farmers of the region in parallel to producebe uninterrupted deliveries of raw materials not only in the local processing enterprises, but even in other regions of the Russian Federation. Thus, the Altai Republic became the main supplier of buckwheat and buckwheat groats for Moscow and helped to meet the sudden increased during a pandemic, the demand for this product.

Due to increased demand for agricultural raw materials Altai Krai could do carry-over stocks of grain from previous years is not excessive. Thus, farmers will be able to sell products at a decent price, because the Foundation will not put pressure on the grain market, as in previous years. By mid-June 2020 grain reserves in the region amount to 1.1 million tons, whereas in previous years their number was equal to 1.7 to 2.6 million tons.

the Work of this industry Vladimir Putin also noted, saying: “as a result, the goods uninterrupted and round the clock delivery to the stores are delivered to the customers home. At the same time managed to prevent a sharp spike, to quickly localize and eliminate the temporary shortage of certain goods and, importantly, not at the expense of some administrative commands and prodding, and on the basis of transparent market mechanisms”.

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