SpaceX put into orbit 60 Internet satellite system Starlink

the carrier Rocket Falcon 9 successfully launched into low earth orbit a new batch of 60 mini-satellites that are part of a global network Internet coverage Starlink.

according to the report of the company SpaceX, orbital group consists of 480 spacecraft. After SpaceX engineers test their performance satellites on their own ion engines will rise on a regular orbit with altitude of 550 km.

This is the eighth orbiting spacecraft project Starlink. The company SpaceX plans to place in orbit satellites 12 thousand to create a full-scale network that will enable the inhabitants of the Earth to get broadband Internet access anywhere in the planet.

it is Also noted that multi-stage launch vehicle, the Falcon 9, which was used for the fifth time, happily sat on a floating platform Just Read the Instructions in the Atlantic.

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