Fifty-year career of uninterrupted, 80 albums sung in fourteen languages… The figures of the career of Julio Iglesias are impressive, as are those of her offspring: not less than eight children at the meter and may soon be a ninth.. A Spanish court said on Wednesday that the lead singer of a 75-year-old was the father of “organic” from a Spanish 43-year-old, whose mother claims to have had an affair for a week with the singer . The judge “has accepted the request of a Valencian 43-year-old” and “declared that he is the biological son of singer Julio Iglesias”, has announced in a press release the court of first instance of Valencia, stating that this decision could be the subject of an appeal.

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Contacted by AFP, the lawyer of Julio Iglesias, Fernando Falomir, has said that the singer was going to file an appeal. The decision is a victory for Javier Sánchez Santos, brown eyes dark born in April 1976, the first application for the recognition of paternity was rejected in 1999 by the Spanish supreme Court. In front of the court that heard the case behind closed doors, his mother, Maria Edite, a former dancer of the Portuguese, claimed to have had a relationship for a week with Julio Iglesias in July 1975 in Catalonia, nine months before his son was born, according to the lawyer of the family, Fernando Osuna.

physical Resemblance obvious

The crooner latino the most famous the world has always refused to take a DNA test, and was not introduced at trial. His lawyer had argued that the case had already been tried and rejected applicant. The new trial was held after a rocambolesque episode: a detective had approached a son of the singer, Julio Iglesias Junior, “who was surfing” in Miami in the United States and had brought a bottle of water he had held in your hands, to take a sample DNA. Fernando Osuna had then assured that the analyses had led to the conclusion that Julio Iglesias Jr and Javier Sanchez Santos were brothers, considering that this new fact allowed for the holding of another trial. The court, however, rejected this evidence and considered the report of DNA analysis “devoid of relevance and legal value”.

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But even without that, the judge ultimately concluded that the biological father of Javier Sanchez Santos is not the one “appears on the declaration of birth,” “and that (Julio Iglesias) is”. In support of his decision, he puts forward a body of evidence: the refusal of the singer to submit to the paternity test and the certainty based on newspaper photos of his participation in a concert with Maria Edite on July 19, 1975, making us think that it is “not improbable” that they have had sex on this occasion. The tribunal also mentions “the physical resemblance self-evident” between the forties and the singer, noting that “while it is true that it could, in principle, be the result of chance, it would be, however, a coincidence that is excessive and very unlikely”, given that the date of conception of Javier Sanchez Santos corresponds approximately to the days surrounding the famous concert. In addition, the dancer has described with great precision “the location and the interior design of the house, where they lodged Julio Iglesias during this period, precise the decision.

Julio Iglesias, flirty unrepentant since always

The argument, presented in the previous trial, according to which Maria Edite had been during this period of sexual relations with other men “does not contradict this conclusion,” on the contrary it strengthens the likelihood that the young woman has had a carnal contact with Julio Iglesias, the court may specify. Julio Iglesias is regarded as the artist of the Spanish language who have sold the most albums in the world, 300 million, according to the Guinness book of world records. The singer of You women was married twice, with the Spanish-filipino origin Isabel Preysler with whom he had three children, and the Dutch Miranda Rijnsburger, his present wife, mother of five others. But he himself is often presented as a dredger unrepentant with “an obsession for the sex”. “Don’t ask me how much I have brothers, I don’t even know myself”, was launched in 2018, his son Julio Jr, television.