“I felt terribly silly, because I cried for comics when I’m already an adult man.” Daniel Ballard has, however, serious reasons to be sad. The collection of comics he had put in nearly 20 years to collect was stolen in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. “I would have preferred that they let me fly my car”, he points out, when asked by 13 Action News .

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A large part of the collection was the personal property of the fan of super-heroes. “I had all the comics from The Amazing Spider-Man , from the first to the 170th number, volume 1 and 2, he points out. I had also the first appearance of Venom, The Death of Captain Stacy , and the first appearance of the Punisher.” Other numbers and objects to collect were, on the other hand, the property of Critical Care Comics, a association in which volunteers dress up as super-heroes, to visit the hospitals and make comics with sick children.

The flap of the storage space that the thieves have sawn to penetrate to the interior. KTNV

According to the inspectors of police, two robbers allegedly entered the warehouse, allegedly provided the access codes to the storage space before they saw the entrance in order to access the loot. “When they entered, they go directly to my space. They have broken into my space. And they have taken away my comics,” explains the collector. Twelve boxes of comics, the value of which can rise up to five thousand dollars each.

the Leader of the Velvet Underground Comics & Collectibles, a boutique specializing in the sale of comics in the State of Nevada and more old shop of Las Vegas, Steven Riddle understands the pain of the victim. According to him, to any collector of comics “would die” to put the hand on the numbers stolen in Ballard. “When you look at the hole in the warehouse; it seems that the people knew that the comics were in it”.

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Daniel Ballard wanted to be able to bequeath this important collection to his son. Now, he wants to “right to recover [its] books”. “Is there anything you can tell me the make? That would be great. I do not want to”, he promises on the networks. Not sure that the police drop the charges so easily.