Spike Lee has not finished to pay the chronic. After his coup at the Oscars against the victory of Green Book in the category of best film and his speech committed against Donald Trump, the developer is now accused of plagiarism in the same way as the pop icon Prince, for their collaboration in 1996. After an oscar of honor in 2006, the filmmaker won the 24 February, the second statuette dorée of his career for BlacKkKlansman .

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according To the tabloid american TMZ , a songwriter by the name of James Brandon accuses the singer and the filmmaker to have taken advantage of the title Phone Sex , composed in the early 1990s, to create the soundtrack to the film Girl 6 . His group of the time, GOMAB, would have presented the song to the uncle of the filmmaker, Clarence Lee, in the event that his nephew would like to use it in one of his feature films. Without news, the musician would have found some of his arrangements in the theme music for the film was released in the cinema in 1996 and, in particular, the trumpet. His original song has never been released to the public.

according To Billboard , this is not the first time that accusations of plagiarism have been questioning the work of the Kid of Minneapolis. As early as 1995, the translator of Purple Rain was pursued by Bruno Bergonzi and Michele Vicino, two Italian composers for the song The Most Beautiful Girl in the World . The judges had rendered a first verdict in 2003, giving reason to the Prince. In 2007, the musicians earned their call. A third and last resort, ruled cassation, confirmed in 2015 the decision of the appeal by the Italian justice.

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Deceased in 2016, the Prince will be represented in this new case by his six brothers and sisters, appointed by a judge as to his / her heirs official. Neither these sites, nor Spike Lee, commented on the accusations of James Brandon for the time being.