Spivakov read the story of the doctor of the Nizhny Novgorod hospital:

World-famous violinist and conductor, people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Spivakov, took part in the action #Pomahival from the magazine “Theatre” and read the story of the radiologist from the Department of the Balakhna Central district hospital in the Nizhny Novgorod region Alexei Coconino. The doctor reported the situation of protection and payment for work with patients with the coronavirus, reports NN.DK.RU.

“When the epidemic was already in full swing, we have had nothing from protection. Were asking for leadership. At the end of April we said, “Okay. Give reusable gauze bandage, because disposable protective suits at all, no.“ Then my patience was exhausted. We all do not like in Moscow, all my hospital does not apply to “covenin”. But these patients come to us, And we just… district hospital, there is no division into zones we have. We’re actually naked… Us a beautiful Federal benefits not entitled to, and you need to work here and now” — read Spivakov text the doctor.

“the Whole hospital in the region fail because people get it. Fail doctors. Try to take precautions, of course. But living at home. Wife and two children with me. But how? The feelings that I feel, rather than fear. And resentment. Offense for your personnel. Yet was all this confusion of remedies, I was ashamed to look them in the eye. It’s and nurses. They get 10, maximum of 18 thousand rubles a month. And go out with no protective mask for two weeks. Shame and impotence!” — continued the doctor.

the Publication of NN.DK.RU Alex Kakunin said that “some protection we got from the leadership, but enough of that for about a week.” “We literally have a few of respirators FFP2. And we need them. The desired protection with the international certificates, not just a piece of gauze. Will supply in the future is unknown”, — talel Alex Kakunin.

He explained that come in the hospital to study patients from COVID-a hospital in the town of Gorodets. “Before a person will detect the presence of coronavirus, we diagnose. Sometimes they come to us for a CT scan patients from COVID-a hospital in the town of Gorodets. The sample they have a negative they are considered not contagious. But we, nonetheless, find they have bilateral atypical pneumonia”, — said the doctor.

“across the country there are cases of physicians of all specialties. Our hospital has remained one of the last, which has not yet revealed ill physicians. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?” he added.

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