Spurted from Sana Serge does not want to pay 90 thousand rubles for the denial of the coronavirus

the Protection of the infamous father Sergius (Nicholas Romanov) intends to appeal the court’s decision in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, which found him guilty of the dissemination of deliberately false information in the sermons on YouTube. The court sentenced him to a fine of 90 thousand rubles for the denial of coronavirus.

As reported by “Ural Meridian”, the lawyer schemamonk Svetlana Gerasimova its substantive claim is considered, which is supposedly a fake signature of the client. The court refused to satisfy the petition about examination of handwriting signatures. In addition, according to Gerasimova, in fact, there is no evidence proving the violation of law by the schema-monk.

the Novels on the court, recall, was not.

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