Who will make the best hit of the summer? It would seem that the makers have moved ahead of the competition in the area. The tubes Watchtower and Bye Bye , created by Squeezie, Joyca, Kezah and Freddy in the framework of a competition launched by the second youtubeur de France, panic the counters on the platforms of streaming, raising the bar even briefly, in the first and second positions in the ranking of iTunes Friday night. Saturday, late morning, the clips were accumulating nearly 10 million views each.

last week, fans of Lucas Hauchard, aka “Squeezie”, saw a video of more than an hour titled “Who will make the best hit of the summer? (in 3 days)” on the chain of vingtenaire. The videographer appears to be accompanied by three counterparts, in that it throws down a challenge a little crazy: create the tube that will make the crowd dancing during the summer period. The all, in less than 72 hours. The quartet is split into two teams, set a competition to create the sound of the summer. On one side, Kezah and Freddy. On the other, Squeezie, and Joyca.

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During an hour, each other return to the steps in the creation of pieces Watchtower and Bye Bye . Songs parody, but credible enough to become “hits”. Maître Gims, invited to decide between this clash of music, was finally designated Watchtower , the creation of Kezah and Freddy, as the winner of this challenge.

● Kezah and Freddy – Watchtower

● Squeezie and Joyca – Bye Bye