St. Petersburg authorities have announced a restructuring of the ambulance service

In St. Petersburg, the routing of patients with suspected coronavirus and a slight infection course will be changed to reduce queues of ambulances in hospitals. About it on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” declared the first Deputy Chairman of health Committee Andrew Saran.

“We are now working on the order patients with suspected lung lesion can reach the centers of computed tomography, bypassing the “fast”. So, if treating the doctor gave direction to this research, people can get to place CT is not on the ambulance. There will determine the amount of damage to the lungs. If it is minimal — the patient will return home, possibly your own transport. If not, he will be hospitalized in a hospital, converted at covid. Until it is decided how it will happen,” he said.

the Committee have not yet decided exactly how patients will get to CT and to go home or to a hospital.

Saran recalled that in St. Petersburg has been functioning as the Urban ambulance station and regional stations. In the City work 174 brigade, and in areas — 321 brigade.

“In the City station, many employees got sick, we have problems with staffing teams, but still hanging on. All PPE is provided”, — said the head physician of City station of emergency medical service Alexey Boykov.

Speakers noted that regulation of the arrival of the ambulance does not exceed 20 minutes.

“However, the decision on the routing and speed of arrival a coach takes the Manager who collects the patient’s history. So, if you need emergency assistance, call the city ambulance if urgent — district. If a person has a temperature of 37 degrees, he can wait, but if high and added shortness of breath — your car will be faster,” explained Saran.

Boiko added that at the first sign of SARS should call their local doctor, and an ambulance call only if the temperature greatly increased, and in a minute you are doing more 22-24 breaths, then began panting.

Informed about “abuse of the ambulance,” the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said the head of the St. Petersburg cosgrave in 1996-1997 Alexander Redko.

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