St. Petersburg authorities told about the metro to the new campus of the University in Pushkin

In St. Petersburg the possibility of building a new metro line to Pushkin, where it is planned to place a single campus of St. Petersburg state University. As writes “Interfax”, this was stated by the Governor Alexander Beglov at a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University.

“We have been working on the construction of a new metro line from “Prospekt VETERANOV” up around the airport, Expoforum, Pushkin, territory development and campus, and tech valley”, the Governor said and added that for the project the Federal budget.

At the same time, as reported by TASS, the Deputy Chairman of the security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev said that investment in the construction of a single campus of a state University should be including private. According to him, investors can invest in the construction of various institutions in the University medical clinic, Congress-center, sports, as well as in research and laboratory units.

Recall, about the move of the University in the Pushkinsky district became known in the fall of 2019. For University want to build in the Pushkin district one campus with dormitories, educational buildings, laboratories, sports, cultural and leisure objects.

the News caused the protests of many students and teachers who started the collection of signatures against the construction of new buildings. The petition was signed by more than 76 thousand people. SPbSU students stood in pickets for the preservation of the University’s historic buildings.

Earlier, the city government announced its intention to put the new campus of the University light rail.

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