St. Petersburg businessman called on the government to give businesses money for development

the Government of Saint-Petersburg time to begin to subsidize affected by the pandemic in the industry that the business has survived and developed. This opinion was expressed by an individual entrepreneur Tatyana Voloschenko, which is engaged in trade of inedible goods. She stated under the fourth of the online marathon in support of small and medium entrepreneurship “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?”, which holds the IA “Rosbalt” in conjunction with the Deputy of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova.

“the Business didn’t ask for money neither the Federal nor the regional authorities, but I believe that I have to pay to the affected industries that they somehow evolved. Our St. Petersburg, the government should compensate 12 130 thousand rubles for each employee for June, July, August. Especially those who had to work in shopping centres still closed,” said Voloshchenko.

the Businessman also notes that the micro business very difficult to get the support measures announced by the Federal and regional authorities.

“I tried to take an unsecured loan to Fund lending to small businesses, but my work had to comply with as many as 18 points, had to fill in a lot of profiles… is Clear that without professional advice, I would like this package of documents is not collected. Now I have accumulated debts on rent of shops in shopping center with a total area of 100 square meters”, — says the entrepreneur.

According to Voloshchenko, she’s already sent about 80 requests on the problem in a variety of instances, but only received boilerplate replies. Another source of income the woman has no.

Recall, 30 June, the news Agency “Rosbalt” together with the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg and a member of the Presidium of the all-Russia women’s Council “Hope of Russia” IRanother Ivanova held the fourth part of the rally in support of small and medium entrepreneurship “to Save the business: mission (im)possible?”. Online meeting was devoted to the situation in the non-food market of St. Petersburg, which is a huge loss.

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