St. Petersburg doctor was convinced on a private experience, as the coronavirus affects the thyroid

the St. Petersburg dermatologist-cosmetologist Elmira Tumanyan moved the coronavirus and on our own experience, that the infection can severely affect the thyroid gland. The story of her illness, she shared with the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

the First symptoms COVID-19 Elmira detected in mid-may, despite the fact that since the end of March kept the withdrawal and took no patients. Sore throat, a temperature around 37 degrees, cough and General weakness — in General infection the organism moved easily.

“I was tested for coronavirus charge and transferred the infection at home, — says the doctor. Amazingly, when I by the end of may on the mend, I have lost the sense of smell. And it still has not recovered to the end — to smell chocolate, you should bring it to his nose, and I can’t help but notice that the yard is recently mowed grass. And in may, I found that I started to lose my hair.”

the Doctor notes that initially linked the symptoms with stress and hair dye, even though she was without ammonia.

“But then I admitted to myself that loss pathological. Believe me, it’s scary when you spend on the head and the hand in her hair. I went and got tested for those hormones and trace elements that, when changed, can affect hair loss. It was sex hormones, and thyroid, as well as certain vitamins and minerals,” says the doctor.

the Result of analyses Elmira shocked — it was found the increase of the hormone TSH, which characterize the condition of the thyroid gland. When the upper limit of normal 4.2 at 6.2. The disease, which is accompanied by an increase of the hormone TSH, called hypothyroidism, and is one of its symptoms is hair loss.

“never Before had problems with the thyroid gland was not, I checked. I immediately went to the endocrinologist, and she suggested that this is due to the recent coronavirus INFAkzia. It turns out that COVID can affect the endocrine system and sometimes leads to increased TSH, which in turn leads to a temporary “nesteroidna hypothyroidism”,” explains Elmira.

then the woman passed a few more tests, and some vitamins and trace elements also showed a deficit. All this had an effect on the hair.

“today, I take six medications a day to my body recovered and stopped hair loss. The only thing you need to do is to take medication to lower the TSH, as it will come back to normal itself after 1.5-2 months after recovery from COVID. I was hurt and sad. Bald patches, you will not see because I am hiding all the hours of arranging the hair, wearing of a bandage. I prescribed treatment for three months ahead, but one day, a week or even a month the hair will not come back to normal. They need a lot of time to first cease to fall, and then begin to grow again,” says Elmira.

in addition, she will take a course of mesotherapy scalp.

“I wish my story revealed: COVID can affect any organ or system, it is not a simple disease. Coronavirus has changed my life both psychologically and physically. It undermined my health and upset my plans. I have four months sit without work and without study. How much was the survey and the drugs that I now take to save your body and hair do not even try to imagine,” concludes Elmira Khanjyan.

earlier, the doctors claimed that the thyroid gland is not highly affected by the coronavirus infection thyroid if early man didn’t have a problem.

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