St. Petersburg entrepreneurs have asked the government and the Duma to help city businesses

the Representatives of Saint Petersburg businesses affected during a pandemic, formulated a resolution which listed the main problems of the entrepreneurs and their solutions. The document formed on the basis of the three-week marathon “to Save the business: Mission (im) possible”, organized by the “Rosbalt” together with the Deputy of the Petersburg Legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova.

the Resolution was signed by 25 of the entrepreneur from the fields of tourism, catering, services, non-trade and social business — all of them expressed their point of view in the framework of the online marathon.

business Representatives urged the government to change the procedure for the provision of benefits for loss of work for guides who have lost this opportunity. Another requirement: to include social entrepreneurs in the list of affected industries regardless of the form of legal entity. The resolution also urged to extend the payment of subsidies for salaries for June and July, and all the established tax incentives to extend to the third quarter of 2020.

“it is Also necessary to extend established by the government of the Russian Federation measures to support the organization, leading activities in accordance with the additional NACE codes or alternative codes if the actual activities are related to the affected sectors of the economy. To release businesses from the obligation to make advance payments for communal resources, to limit the size of fines for late utility payments”, — stated in the document.

part of the requirements were addressed to state Duma deputies, among them — to cancel additional fees and charges, multiplying factors for organizations working in residential homes, and to limit the size of penalties for late utility payments. Entrepreneurs also asked the MPs to extend the tax system UTII in 2021 and 2022, and to cancel a rule requiring payment of minimum tax under the simplified system of taxation.

Rulethe government of St. Petersburg asked to vacate the business from the rent on all the objects of the consumer market: NTO and the real estate entrepreneurs leased from the city during a pandemic.

“you Also need to free business from advance payments for utility resources and install payment only on consumption. To grant a delay of payment”, — concluded the signatories.

“These and other requirements they must consider in 15 days, look at the reaction of — said Irina Ivanova. — They have to think of additional business support, especially as we constantly afraid of the second wave. In the resolution, we write that for the period from 1 April to 20 June in St. Petersburg was fired 256 thousand people, and about 80% of companies and organizations somehow cut the salaries of their employees. But these figures are understated. Need support”.

Recall from 16 June to 7 July at the site “Rosbalt” has passed the online-marathon “to Save the business: Mission (im) possible”. About how Petersburg service sector was on the brink of survival can be read here.