St Petersburg gave hope to open a summer café and parks

In the near future Smolnyj will cancel some restrictions on services. About it as transfers RBC, the meeting with representatives of business, said Vice-Governor of the city Yevgeny Yelin.

So, from June 22 is scheduled to resume operation of car sharing. It is proposed to carry out in “test mode” separate the mass and health of the event.

On 29 June, the administration may allow commercial navigation on the rivers and canals. As told to Elin, the issue and opening this summer terraces, the Palace and parks, “may, private parks, meeting sanitary requirements and is ready to open”.

the Publication said that in the city headquarters of the anti-COVID-19 expect the lifting of restrictions on regular medical check-UPS, dentistry. The Agency “reflects on the opening of shops, 800 metres, on the resolution of services in hotels, on the resolution of fitness services”. Considering other solutions, said Elin.

the meeting also was the Deputy Chairman of the Committee of property relations Alexander Herman. According to him, the plans are already reflected in the prepared draft resolution of the Smolny. Thus, the document mentions the right restaurants and cafes to serve the citizens of St. Petersburg on the tables, put to the sidewalk in front of the entrance.

the Correspondent of “Rosbalt” was not able to obtain confirmation of the administration’s plans to lift the restrictions. In a press-service Evgeny Elin didn’t answer.

on the Eve of a meeting of the Presidium of the public organization and the regional Association of employers “Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs” with the participation of the Governor Alexander Beglov. At the event, elaborated on measures to support business, but the plans for the cafe and the Park has not been announced.

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