St. Petersburg has lost in casino rental car

a Resident of the Northern capital has laid a rented Skoda Kodiaq and lost it in the casino, announced on 24 July, the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” in the press service of the Prosecutor’s office.

From the case materials that the 43-year-old man decided to try his hand at gambling in a different country. He took a rental car for $7 thousand, and left for Belarus.

Luck changed to St. Petersburg, he first lost 50 thousand roubles, and took a chance with the car, however the rate has not played. In Petersburg he returned without the money and the vehicle.

“the Case against him under article “Swindle, that is plunder of another’s property by fraud committed in especially large size” is already directed to court”, — told in Prosecutor’s office.

Earlier in the Leningrad region detained a teenager, damaging a historic car on the Road of life in Boksitogorsk area. Broken glass and a broken handle. Memorial established in memory of the exploits of the drivers during the siege of Leningrad.

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