St. Petersburg Institute of emergency medicine will pay 100 thousand rubles for a

In the Petersburg district court fined the Institute of emergency care named Dzhanelidze for violations of the “coronavirus” security.

As reported by the United press service of the city courts, the inspection found that some of the staff of the medical facility is not used during operation PPE or using it incorrectly. In addition, staff and patients to use the common dining room was not sealed ventilation system, the staff moved freely between branches.

it is Also noted that Sri did not register cases of nosocomial pneumonia and did not observe the cyclical filling of the chambers, did not share waiting for reception of patients and made the work of the external part. Furthermore, it was found that the Institute lacked a one-month supply of PPE and disinfectants, required to work in the mode of infectious hospital.

During the trial, the representatives of Rospotrebnadzor said that most of the violations were rectified. The court appointed an administrative fine in the amount of 100 thousand rubles.

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