St. Petersburg is considered obscene is a cafe with egg and sausage

the St. Petersburg office of the FAS received complaints from residents on unethical advertising cafe “the Nutcracker”. The school was placed on the window banner with a picture of a Breakfast of fried two eggs, sausage and tomatoes. The poster is accompanied by the text: “in the Morning is worth? You should look to us for Breakfast #kaffemaskinen”

the Agency found that the advertiser is “Dynasty”. After the complaint of the specialists of the FAS recognized that actions of the company violate the advertising law.

a criminal case, a hearing is scheduled for July 14.

In the FAS has reminded that is not allowed to use obscene images.

Also antimonopolschiki noted that in accordance with the International code of advertising practice, all advertising must be legal, decent, honest and truthful. It should be designed with a high degree of responsibility to society and respect the principles of fair competition generally accepted in business. In addition, advertising must not contain statements or images that violate generally accepted standards of decency.

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