St. Petersburg MP: to Understand what is happening with our budget, it is impossible

In St. Petersburg, the second reading of revised budget 2020 accounting for expenditures on preventive measures. However, to understand what is happening with the budget, why certain items of expenditure being cut, but others remain impossible. Such opinion to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the Deputy of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Irina Ivanova.

“this time all parties came to the reasonable adjustment offered interesting changes, haven’t tried anything out of the reserve Fund, from which, as it turned out, has already spent $ 10 billion. So, we felt that the money for subsidies to private schools and kindergartens can be taken from the junction with the still existing Eastern diameter. If not, where to unleash? In the field we someone leaves? And there’s a billion. BFK but the offer refused,” — said the MP.

According to Ivanov, it is also unclear why stronomical increased funding for its maintenance, while the Committee on public health, on the contrary, deprived of money for the repair.

“I believe that the costs of the Executive authorities in our situation, in principle, should be reduced. With this approval of the financial budget Committee seems to be agreed, but the amendment is still not accepted,” — said Ivanov.

the MP does Not agree with the reduction in city subsidies for the repair, noting that St. Petersburg is falling elevators and balconies — as happened recently in Kirochnaya street.

“Again there was some spending on 500 harvest equipment — 2.1 billion roubles on it’s left. Not too much? Then it turned out that the equipment bought for a long time, and these two billion will go to debt on it. In General, nothing is unclear how begin the subject to ask out,” said Irina Ivanova.

the Deputy Also reminded that the MPs tried to keep in amended budget expenditures for elimination of unauthorized dumps, oneto and the amendment failed.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that in St. Petersburg went under the knife for social housing programs.

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