St. Petersburg officials began to take the furniture from the recently opened summer cafe

the Committee on control of property of St.-Petersburg has carried out RAID at the outdoor cafes. Agency staff checked whether all documents are in order in institutions and respect there are epidemiological measures.

the Committee recalled that in St. Petersburg today is a simplified procedure for obtaining permission for the visitors on the outdoor terraces. However, not all cafes and restaurants of the documents have been properly.

the Claims of the inspectors had caused, in particular, the site that went beyond the boundaries of granted land. Among the violators was more than 20 institutions compiled by 22 of the Protocol on administrative offences. During the RAID, officials seized 90 pieces of street furniture — tables, chairs, benches.

“as a result of activities undertaken over the past two weeks, the number of offenders was: “Coffee No. 1” in the Brick alley cafe “Volkonsky” on Bolshaya Morskaya street, house “The line” on Foundry Avenue, “Vietnamese cafe”

on Mayakovsky street, bars “Compromise”, “Geography”, “Monkey”, “Boozy”, “Gods”, “MA” on Rubinshteyna street, cafe “Coffe to go” on the Tverskaya street, the restaurants “Puzata Hata” and “Larionov” Nekrasov, “Resto pub” sapper lane, the restaurant “Marcella” on the Avenue of Science, “Pood of bread” on Kirochnaya, “Vaffel” and “Beer map” in the street of Uprising, a Bakery in Baskov lane, “Red Fox” on Mayakovsky street, Tavern on the Socialist street, a summer terrace, from the school of cookery in pereulok Pirogova,” — said the Committee.

in addition, the experts found that in some cafes and restaurants employees do not use personal protective equipment. In fact, no masks or gloves at the staff 9 drafting of protocols on administrative responsibility.

Recall, a summer café in St. Petersburg resumed work in late June. According to estimates Smolny, the city opened its 1,100 establishments. Serve guests is permitted only on the open air.

Earlier, state Duma Deputy Sergei Boyarsky was troubled by the fact that in St. Petersburg are still closed cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, but in the subway, people go without masks, and no one monitors it. “Is that a planned diversion in respect of the business, which already can’t breathe?” the MP asked and promised to hold accountable the responsible officials.

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