St. Petersburg on Palace square, lined up in protest against the amendments to the Constitution (photo)

In St. Petersburg, the activists changed the format of the protest against the amendments to the Constitution. Instead of pickets, the townspeople lined up in compliance with the rules of social distance.

As the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, the police announced the requirement to prevent violations of public order and public events in the period of the pandemic. The staff captured the faces of the participants on camera.

“the Best amendment — Putin resign” — shouting citizens.

Yet without detention. The protesters are accompanied by a watering technique that appeared during the event on Palace square.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to vote on amendments to the Constitution. According to political analysts and human rights activists, the main rule is the nullification of presidential terms, which would enable Vladimir Putin to run for another two terms until 2036.

Data from independent exit polls indicate that the majority of the citizens opposed the change in the basic law of the country. The official results are radically different — amendment supported by two-thirds of the citizens.

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