St. Petersburg paid the penalty for 20-year-old nurse who was fined for unbuttoned jumpsuit

the Inhabitants of St. Petersburg chipped in to pay the penalty 20-year-old nurse temporary hospitalia “Lenexpo” Anastasia Muravyova, which was previously noticed in the workplace in unbuttoned overalls. Information about this was published in “Fontanka”.

“Good people found me in social networks by name, offered to help. Yesterday began the collection of funds. Received 17 thousand. I was fined 15 thousand. The rest were sent to the Foundation for children with cancer “Nastya”, — she said.

Muravyov said that he unbuttoned his overalls and took off his hood because she became ill due to the lack of air.

“no Ventilation, costumes don’t breathe. Work like in the steam room. Said that the CCTV cameras tracked. At that moment in the pit was not sick patients,” said the girl.

According to the nurse, since may 25 of “Lenexpo” she was transferred to the main site of the Hospital for war veterans on the street. During the work with coronavirus patients as of may 4, she passed three times analysis COVID-19 and once had a CT scan. Examination showed the absence of infection.

Recall, Vasileostrovsky court of St. Petersburg recognized the Muravyov-offending and epidemiological rules. The girl did not use personal protective equipment. Violation of the fixed camera 15 may — during the visit of the Governor of the city in “Lenexpo”.

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