St Petersburg refused to rally against constitutional amendments

the Committee on legality and law of St. Petersburg refused the activists to hold a rally against the amendments to the Constitution. This was reported in the Twitter press-Secretary of the city branch of the libertarian party Dennis lugovskiy.

“We supposedly do not belong in the FZ deadline that is not true. We filed July 3, and we fit into the period designated in the law,” — said the activist.

According to him, the party plans to appeal the decision and to consider alternative options.

we Add that the application is submitted not earlier than 15 and no later than 10 days before the public event. The protest was planned on July 15.

At the disposal of “Rosbalt” a notification filed by St. Petersburg in the Smolny. Proposed platform at the Finland station, in Pioneer square or in the Alexander Park. It was announced on thousands of potential participants. The organizers had planned to speak with representatives of the libertarian party, the “Open Russia” and movement “Spring”.

Recall, the vote on the amendments to the Constitution was completed on 1 July. According to the CEC for amendments to the Basic law made 77,92% of Russians against — of 21.27% of the participants. As noted by the scientists, the new edition builds authoritarian system of government and allows Vladimir Putin to run for President two more times.

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