St. Petersburg residents are asked not to break the village of Alexander highway into two parts

the inhabitants of the village of Alexander, located in the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg, asked President Putin to cancel the laying of a six-lane highway through the town. Related petition appeared on the portal

the author of the petition notes that tracing the placement of new highways in the satellite city of the South was proposed in February of this year. It is expected that it will pass through the village of Alexander along the railway tracks of the Warsaw direction. “As a result, the village of Alexander will be broken transit route into two parts, which will lead to threat of life of the population, primarily children. It is extremely difficult the access of population to social facilities — shops, post, health center, pharmacy, train station, bus stop, temple of the Kazan icon of Bozhiej of Mother”, — said the author.

“the Inhabitants of the Pushkin district this road is not needed. The laying of this line will significantly worsen the living conditions of citizens in the village of Alexander, will destroy their way of life and the habitual way, will lead to the destruction of the social relationships that existed for decades. Why are the lives of living people must be sacrificed for the not yet existing city?”, — comments the author.

in addition, he notes, are destroyed dozens of homes, historical monuments and natural sites. In this list — “Vittolovsky Conduit” and “Conduit Tacky”, sources of water supply reservoirs and Park of Tsarskoye Selo, the railway branch of the former Imperial spur track to the main Imperial residence in Tsarskoye Selo, the monument “to Soldiers and officers of the 59 regiment, 85 infantry division liberated the village of Alexander 16 Jan 1944”, the temple of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God in the village of Alexander is located in a Single protected area of natural landscape, as well as the train station built in the 1860’s, where may 25, 1868 in the presence of the Emperor and several members of the Imperial family consecrated the stone chapel. 1 Aug 1917 with the station by order of the Provisional government of Nicholas II and his family were sent into exile in Tobolsk.

in addition, under threat are the ponds of the village of Alexander, experienced field St. Petersburg state agrarian University, transport hub, residential houses with a total area of about 14.5 thousand sq. m., as well as protective green spaces along the existing railway, Alexandrovskaya village to protect from noise and pollution of the railway infrastructure of the Warsaw direction.

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