St. Petersburg state going to mobilize for a vote on the Constitution

In St. Petersburg are trying to increase turnout in the upcoming vote on changes to the Constitution, urging the employees to vote early at the place of work, Russian media reported. According to “Saint” in Moscow and the Northern capital through “public Services” from the Wick in the place of residence was detached almost 100 thousand people to vote early at the place of work on June 25. The publication reports that the number ukrepivshis in the Northern capital may reach half a million people.

“Those who use “public Services”, interviewed, then told to provide the number of their PEC, where you usually vote. And at work we were told that it is necessary to go to vote. To go ahead of. And offered three addresses”, — told the publication “Real time” employee of the St. Petersburg metro Sergey Lazarev.

to Mobilize the tried and the staff of the national library, wrote about “the New newspaper”.

“my Dear fellow, the cultural sector’s vote in the attached sections 25 and 26 June. Attached to this section are REQUIRED for all employees and are REQUIRED to come to vote on these dates” — gives a screenshot of the correspondence of the “New”.

a Similar message came and employees of the industrial sector. “” said that the administration of Severo-Zapadnaya TPP was told to organize a vote on the amendments for employees with 25 to 26 June, citing measures to combat the pandemic COVID-19.

Complained of a similar situation and a member of the Baltic plant, told journalists.

“We are asked to let go from home sites and to vote at 118th Wick near the plant”, — said the employee.

the fact that city government employees are at risk of becoming participants of “double voting”, also mentioned Fontanka”. Journalist called the situation in St. Petersburg “the great migration of the electorate.” The publication reports that, “it’s two million people with which the city administration may try to carry out ballot stuffing”.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that in St. Petersburg the Deputy gave Pamfilova evidence of coercion of state employees to vote on the Constitution. On why the public sector propose to vote in the workplace, read more here.

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