St. Petersburg stood up for the cardiac surgeon of the city hospital, which is trying to fire

In the children’s city hospital № 1 in St. Petersburg plans to dismiss the head of the Department of cardiac surgery Ruben Movsesyan, said the authors of the petition published on the website

Colleagues and parents of patients need to leave for work physician, a well-known professional success. It is noted that in 2019 the Department of doctor took 1278 patients and the mortality rate was 3.3%, which is below the Russian average indicators. Among the rescued children of different ages, including babies.

“Held by 238 x-ray operations and 25 operations radiofrequency ablation. Operated on 72 patients from other regions of the country and 12 from other countries”, — said the authors of the petition.

According to them, Movsesian is always responsive, ready to treat children in modern methods and to tell the truth, no matter how heavy it was.

“We, the parents of children with congenital heart defects that are boiled in the subject cardiology for years, with despair realize once again we can lose our rear and Golden hands, a hope which many of us live,” concluded the authors of the petition.

For 13 hours was signed more than 2 thousand people. Users leave positive feedback about the doctor.

the Correspondent of “Rosbalt” has addressed to the press Secretary of the Children’s city hospital № 1, to obtain the confirmation or refutation of the plans to dismiss the Movsesyan. No chance to talk: the employee hung up. The publication sent a written request to the institution.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the petition to reduce all officials salaries and the money saved be distributed on payments to doctors.

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