St. Petersburg stopped the hunger strike in Sochi Observatory

the Administration of Sochi Observatory in the hotel “Velvet seasons” went to meet the people of St. Petersburg, which was sent to the institution on arrival in Krasnodar Krai. About it Vasily Usmanov and Ageeva, Vasilisa told the correspondent of “Rosbalt”. The hunger strike guests of the city decided to terminate.

“the Rules are not abolished, but the products that we needed, passed through a local plant, we prepare the food. In the end we were being discharged today even before the mentioned period, after the second negative test,” — said the young man.

Recall, of St. Petersburg was sent to the Observatory on arrival in Sochi on may 11. Usmanov and Ageeva complained about the misrepresentation about the terms of seclusion, boorish attitude of employees, lack of sanitation, delay in results of tests for the coronavirus and the abolition of the “peredachek” food. In the result, the guests of Krasnodar region has announced a dry hunger strike.

we Add that the Observatory complex, which put visitors with the aim to isolate from others and to test for coronavirus. Such a measure taken in different regions of the country to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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